Kingstown Bevan BNI New Member Key Information 

New members - please take this opportunity to view the content below to see how you can get the most from your membership 

BNI Learning Opportunities 

Register for the BNI Member Success Program (MSP). This is the new BNI Kingstown Bevan member "orientation" seminar. It offers critical need-to-know information. 
Alternatively, you may complete the MSP program online in a self-paced format through BNI University. This should also be completed within the first 60 days of your membership. 

Explore BNI Podcasts 

These are a library of podcasts on a wide variety of topics relevant for BNI members with brand new episodes every week. 
You can find them here at 

BNI Attendance Policy 

Read the information about subs and be prepared in advance to have a sub stand in for you if you need to be away from the meeting. 

BNI Connect 

Log on to BNI Connect at You can also download the BNI Connect app using the buttons below. 
Note: It sometimes takes a few days before your details are added to the database. You should get an email telling you how to access BNI Connect. Once active, you can update your BNI Connect profile and confirm that your contact information is correct. 

Kingstown Bevan Meeting Schedule 

Our chapter generally meets on Friday every week, with a few exceptions such as the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day or if a major holiday or bank holiday falls on a Friday (for example Good Friday). 

Monthly Meeting Fees 

When meeing in person, our chapter’s room dues are £65 per month, if paid monthly. Note that these dues are subject to change as the cost of operating our chapter change. The room dues cover room hire, refreshments and breakfast following the meeting. 
Please see the chapter Secretary/Treasurer to make your payment. 

Get to Know Your Fellow Members 

Start setting up appointments for One-to-One meetings with fellow chapter members. The MSP program will give you more information -- but don't wait. 
BNI Podcasts related to One-to-One meetings 
Go to our chapter website, member directory page or take a look at chapter member profiles on BNI Connect. Each member in the directory has a link to their BNI Connect Profile. Follow the link for each member to learn more about them. Members with LinkedIn accounts have a link to their profile to allow you to connectr with them directly. 

Add your Business Cards 

Add a supply of your business cards to the business card box. Make sure you have enough cards in the box for about 4 or 5 cards per member. 
You should also add any member business cards not already in your BNI business card file (that's the card file you got when inducted into the chapter.)  
Keep your card file handy so you have everyone's contact details when you need to give their information to a referral. 

LinkedIn & Social Media 

Join LinkedIn if you're not already a member and connect with fellow chapter members. Review their profiles and connections. Ask for feedback to improve your LinkedIn profile and make suggestions to improve theirs. Listen to BNI Podcasts related to LinkedIn
We also have a strong social media presence at Kingstown Bevan BNI. You can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.  
Don't be afraid to ask any member for help. 
The BNI philosophy is "Givers Gain" so we're all committed to help each other out. 
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