What To Expect when you attend Kingstown Bevan Business Networking Hull 

 Every Kingstown Bevan BNI meeting follows the same format; open networking followed by the formal meeting which allows the members to share their 60 seconds presentation. 

This includes a specific referral to educate fellow members exactly the type of business you are looking for. 
This is followed by a member’s 10 minute feature presentation and a contribution round which includes one of the following: referrals (an opportunity to do business where the contact is expecting the call), testimonials or you can bring along a visitor so there is always at least one way you can contribute. 
We measure the amount of business generated by members, this is known as ‘thank you for the business’. 
Once you have passed a referral, it can turn into invoiced business and then you thank that member for the amount. We typically pass around £1.8m worth of business between 30+ members which makes each member can make on average £45,000 a year from the connections and business passed! 
The best way to get to know the members is through one-to-one meetings. You can explain in detail what you do, but more importantly, what business you are looking for. This helps to educate members and refine their search for referrals. 
BNI also offers excellent training to improve networking skills and provides business improvement tips. The training sessions take place around Yorkshire with other BNI chapters, giving the chance to meet people outside of the group who also get the BNI philosophy. 


As a new member, you can expect to be supported by seasoned members to help you settle in. You get to know each other and use the services of the group. We don’t necessarily expect you to bring lots of referrals until we know you do a good job. So within the first few months and weeks it is very much a getting to know you exercise. 
Our meetings tend to follow the format below 
Introduction of guests and BNI Kingstown Bevan team 
Education Slot – a 5 minute presentation to help us all with our networking skills 
60 second presentations and requests by BNI members 
20 second presentations by guests 
Sales and referrals update 
Featured member 10 minute presentation 
Contributions from the group – passing business referrals and written testimonials 
Updates on BNI training events and member social events 
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